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Since very early age I have had a fascination with life and creation. My eyes saw no mind-made imperfection, and I enjoyed the visual pleasure of life

layered with body sensations.


I started my art training as soon as I could hold a pencil. I mean, who didn’t draw on walls and in books when they were little? Soon my mom noticed that I was quite serious and persistent and she decided to bring me to an art studio once a week for individual art lessons. In that dusty old studio I felt I was at home. There were a variety of objects, fruits, vegetables set up everywhere, ready to paint, and the light that came through large Baroque-style windows changed along with the weather outside. My teacher, a tall and slim lady with dark hair and hands covered in paint, would turn on Tchaikovsky the Seasons, and would bring me on an adventure of color. At times her fluffy black cat would get into the watercolor that we worked with, and she would shush on him. She let me paint freely, guiding me at times, and she also took me and other kids who took her lessons together for regular sessions of outdoor painting. 


I was born and lived in the heart of Saint-Petersburg (at that time it was still Leningrad!), and that meant that I was a regular visitor to some of the best museums and theaters in the world, as well as enjoyed the rich architecture of the city itself. We would often paint on a riverbank of gorgeous Neva, and on one of those plain-airs I sold my first piece of art at the age of 6 to a family of American tourists from New York. It was a painting of The Church of the Resurrection, the story behind which I was intrigued by, and I painted it in every detail.


My parents had an extensive collection of art books with masterpieces from all over the world of different times and various artists, and I read those from cover to cover, indulging in every story, whether visual or verbal. 


I could draw and paint for hours from observation and imagination. By the time I went to high school with an art program, I had won several awards in art and was going to attend an Art Academy as a next step. 


Suddenly, my life took an unexpected turn and I experienced serious health issues. Inside I was full of life, and I kept smiling and going despite those challenges. However, other circumstances prevented me from continuing my art education, and I graduated with an MA in PR and Communication instead while becoming noticeably depressed and experiencing more and more health problems. At the age of 25 I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease on top of other issues I had, and felt a calling to quit the security of a bank career and went travel in search of deep healing. I traveled in different parts of the world, learning more than ever before.


I finally landed in New York, where I attended school of Visual Arts extracurricular classes, while continuing struggling with constant pain I lived with daily. Luckily, I remembered what my grandfather-herbalist taught me - follow your heart and seek for answers in nature. After moving to Colorado and giving birth to my son, I was able to self-heal using natural and safe methods. I became passionate about art and science of healing, giving life to 2 more projects of love: Luminous Raw and Luminous collective. Today I’m most known for helping people worldwide do the same - transform their pain into vitality and joy.


Once I was able to heal on a deep level, I started channeling mandalas that are inspired by nature, my holistic practices and inevitably, by fascinating stories that are weaved into our daily lives. 


Today I invite you to share and continue this story with me. 

I can't wait to witness what is about to unfold.

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